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What happens when your "big dreams" are fulfilled? Do you attain an enduring state of fulfilment? Are you then able to live happily ever after? Or, is there something vital missing and you need to address now?

Research & Publications

Research Publications

Publications on topics related to Reinforced Concrete Design, Prestressed Concrete Design, Structural Reliability, Structural Analysis, Dynamics & Stability, Bridge Engineering, Wind & Earthquake Engineering, Cost-effective Structural Systems, Biomechanics & Technical Education & General .

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Research & Development

Prof Devdas Menon's professional activities include teaching, research and consultancy. His research and development work in the field of structural engineering covers Reinforced & Prestressed Concrete, Wind & Earthquake Engineering, Cost-effective Structural Systems and Biomechanics.

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Engineering Publications

Prof Devdas Menon has authored / co-authored several books on Structural Engineering that covers topics like Structural Analysis, Reinforced Concrete Design, Trends in Prestressed Concrete, Seismic Retrofit of Buildings and Advanced Structural Analysis

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Inspirational Books

Prof Devdas Menon's books on peace, happiness and fulfilment in life inspire readers to rediscover ancient wisdom in our own individual ways in our daily lives. These include "Stop sleep walking through life!", a book written in poetic prose and drawing inspiration from various spiritual traditions and "Spirituality at work", a book that inspires the integrated practice of spirituality through work (karma), knowledge (jnana) and devotion (bhakti) - referred to as Integral Karmayoga in this book




Spirituality ...

"Of what avail is it if we can travel to the moon, If we cannot cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves. This is the most important of all journeys And without it, all the rest are useless. " Thomas Merton

"We've conquered the atom, but not our prejudices. We plan more, but accomplish less. We've learned to rush, but not to wait." George Carlin, American humourist

"Copernicus had shown that we were not the centre of the universe. Astronomers had found no evidence of a heaven up in the sky. Darwin had dispelled the idea that God created the earth and all its living creatures in six days. And biologists had proved virgin birth impossible!

Which story should I believe? A text whose only authority was itself, and whose proclamations had little bearing on my everyday reality? Or contemporary science, with its empirical approach to truth? The choice was obvious. I dropped out of conventional religion. The universe seems to work perfectly well without divine assistance." Peter Russell