'Engineers' for a Self - Reliant India - Prof. Devdas Menon

Tattvamasi: That Thou Art by Prof. Devdas Menon

The Bhagavad Gita's message of Nishkama Karma by Prof. Devdas Menon

"All the world's a stage" - an Advaita Philosophy by Prof Devdas Menon

What do we want really in life? - Prof. Devdas Menon

SAFIC Special Lecture -Looking for separate self by Prof. Devdas Menon

Advanced Concrete Design by Prof Devdas Menon

Prelude to 'Integral Karmayoga' Course @ IIT Madras by Devdas Menon

IIT Madras Prof. Devdas Menon - Srimathi Marti Annapurna Gurunath Award for Excellence in Teaching Award

A brief discussion on "What is material?" in the context of the many facets of materialism...

Lecture on "Life beyond structures and analysis" (last lecture of a 41-lecture series, organized by NPTEL, on 'Advanced Structural Analysis'; this one deals with many issues in life that are not covered in modern education: finding one's life purpose, self-actualization, heart-centred living, etc.).

"Evolution and enlightenment"

Narration of a short story from our mythology on finding contentment in life...

Theosophy Science Lecture

Rapid affordable mass housing using GFRG: demo building construction at IIT-M

Introduction to Self Awareness & Higher Goals in Education (SAHGE Lec. 1)

Fulfilment in Relationships - 1 (SAHGE Lec. 2)

Fulfilment in Relationships - 2 (SAHGE Lec. 3)

Psychological Insights from Traditional Indian Wisdom (SAHGE Lec. 4)

Energize Your Heart (SAHGE Lec. 5):

Fulfilment at Work - 1 (SAHGE Lec. 6)

Fulfilment at Work - 2 (SAHGE Lec. 7)

Awakened Living (SAHGE Lec. 8)

The teacher as a Guru

Reflections on Living & Dying Part 1 of 3

Reflections on Living & Dying Part 2 of 3

Reflections on Living & Dying Part 3 of 3