Research Guidance - Doctoral and Masters Theses Supervised

  • Ph.D. Theses
    # Name Topic Picture
    1 G Kumaran "Development of Improved Design Basis for Prestressed Concrete Railtrack Sleepers", 2003 G Kumaran
    2 Babu Kurian "Estimation of Transverse Bending Moments and Collapse Loads of Single-Cell Concrete Box-Girder Bridges", 2005 Babu Kurian
    3 Sakey Shamu "Flexural cracking model using bilinear strain softening function and its application to RC beams", 2005 (co-guide: Dr C. Lakshmana Rao) Sakey Shamu
    4 Srinivas Sriramula "Copula based dependence and probabilistic load modelling of highway bridges, 2006" (co-guide: Dr A Meher Prasad) Srinivas Sriramula
    5 P Revathi "Slenderness effects in reinforced concrete slender beams, 2006" P Revathi
    6 Pradip Sarkar "Seismic evaluation of reinforced concrete stepped building frames", 2009 (co-guide: Dr A Meher Prasad) Pradip Sarkar
    7 Robin Davis "Earthquake resistant design of open ground storey RC framed buildings", 2009 (co-guide: Dr A Meher Prasad) Robin Davis
    8 P. Harikrishna "Wind induced interference effects on two square buildings in tandem", 2010 (co-guide: Dr N Lakshmanan) P. Harikrishna
    9 Maganti Janardhana "Cyclic behaviour of glass fibre reinforced gypsum wall panels", 2010 (co-guide: Dr A Meher Prasad) Maganti Janardhana
    10 R. L. Sreenivasa "Strength and behaviour of glass fibre reinforced gypsum wall panels", 2010 (co-guide: Dr A Meher Prasad) R. L. Sreenivasa
    11 Girija K "Behaviour of slender reinforced concrete beams", 2011 Girija K
    12 Jiji Anna Varughese "Displacement-based seismic design of RC frame buildings with vertical irregularities", 2013 (co-guide: Dr A Meher Prasad) Jiji Anna Varughese
    13 S Arun "Probabilistic load modelling for traffic induced dynamic effects on highway bridges", 2016 (co-guide: Dr A Meher Prasad) S Arun
    14 Bijily B. "Yield Line Analysis of Rectangular RC Beam-Slab Systems", 2017 Bijily B.
    15 Shinto Paul "Performance evaluation of GFRG-RC floor slab systems", 2018 (co-guide: Dr. A. Meher Prasad) Shinto Paul
    16 Philip Cherian "Performance evaluation of Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum panels and building systems", 2019 (co-guide: Dr. A. Meher Prasad) Philip Cherian
    17 Indu Geevar "Experiments on RC bridge pier caps and strut-and-tie based design", 2019 Indu Geevar
    18 Najeeb Shariff Mohammad "Creep and shrinkage effects in reinforced concrete walls and columns", 2020 Najeeb Shariff Mohammad
    19 Gouri Krishna S R "Behaviour of glass fibre reinforced gypsum buildings with open ground storey", 2022 (co-guide: Dr A. Meher Prasad) Gouri Krishna S R
    20 Mary Williams P. "Study on creep and shrinkage in prestressed concrete beams", 2023 (co-guide: Dr A. Meher Prasad) Mary Williams P.
    21 Aishwarya Shaji "Lateral load behaviour of GFRG infilled RC frames", 2024 (co-guide: Dr A. Meher Prasad) Mary Williams P.
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