Awards & Patents

# Nature/Name Of Award Awarded By Awarded For Year
1 The Architectural Engineering Division Gold Medal for 1988-89 Institution of Engineers (India) Paper entitled: "Construction of Low-cost Vault-Shaped Dwelling Units using Coconut Shell Composites" 1989
2 Sir Arthur Cotton Memorial Prize for 1992-93 Institution of Engineers (India) Paper entitled: "Development of Coconut Shell Composites for Building Construction" 1994
3 Best R&D Project of AICTE for 1997-98 AICTE Project on "Development of External Fixators for Bone Fracture Repair" 1998
4 Patent for Dynamic External Wrist Fixator Indian Patent Office Invention: a new external wrist fixator to heal compound fractures of the wrist Filed 1997, awarded 2004
5 Patent for External Fixator Assembly for Tibial Fracture Indian Patent Office Invention: improved external fixator assemblies to heal fractures of the tibia Filed 1997, awarded 2004
6 Distinguished Service to the Institute IIT Madras Alumni Association View Citation 2013
7 Srimathi Marti Annapurna Gurunath Award for Excellence in Teaching IIT Madras View Citation 2014
8 ICI TamilnaduChennai Chapter's 'Ultra Tech Award' for the Outstanding Concrete Engineer Ultratech Cement Limited View Citation 2014
9 Guru Shreshta Award Rotary Club (Madras NorthWest) 2015